New Home Shop offers amazing 4K 360 degree Web Hotspot Tours for displaying your pre-built units. This is a great way to get your end user engaged into the new development and fully showcase all of the highlights which it has to offer. This Web Spot Spot tours are able to be viewed on smart phones, tablets, laptops and regular computers, as well as large TVs (all in 4K resolution). These applications are very fast loading and are easily accessible.

Click on the pictures below to open a new window to demo each of the Web Hot Spot Tour demos we have available.

*the demos take a few moments to load once you click on them (since they are setup as demos) – once the applications go live on your site, or hosted by us, they are super fast loading

4K 360 Degree Web Hot Spot Tour 2
4K 360 Degree Web Hot Spot Tour 1
4K 360 Degree Web Hot Spot Tour 3
4K 360 Degree Web Hotspot Tour 4

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